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Readings Done for Radio Show April 1, 2006


Readings done by Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy
for today's show from Carolyn Evers


Moon Eclipsing Pleiadian Center

March 31, 2006

We have mentioned before that Ascension is guided by opening of doorways to allow energy to enter your part of the cosmos.  It is with this understanding that we want to discuss the coming lunar eclipse. 

The Pleiades hold a distinctive energy and are also a gateway to usher energy to your part of the cosmos.  The Pleiades’ energies are one of comfort in the healing rays and also contain other rays, but we wish to discuss healing, in particular.

The Earth has suffered, as well as those who have lived upon her surface for many years.  This suffering has come because there has been great conflict between those who serve others and those who serve self.  Combined with these two forces are the forces of those who live off planet who are in direct opposition to the Creator and any acceptance of the light coming from God.  Since they need light to function, they pirate the light from light-bearers; therefore, the need to dominate and keep in complete control those who might have excess light that can be siphoned for their own uses.

The Pleiadian energies are placing a signature on those who bear the light for themselves and others.  They are way-showers, and in their workings they are able to lead others to the light. 

This signature of which I speak is a protective signature and is surely needed for this present time and for the near future.  As the Earth changes begin in earnest, there will be much chaos, though we are here to mitigate this as much as possible.

Those of the light need to be protected, and it will help greatly if you encapsulate yourself in white light at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day and any time you can think of this.  Because you bear the light, you will be noticed as the darkness is flushed out from its hiding places.  You will see this conflict intensify soon.  It is, indeed, dark before the dawning of the morning rays. 

Yours in the light,

Pope John Paul II


 As God Sees You

Julius Caesar

This is simply a thought that we wish to impart with you today. It is two days after your beloved Pope John Paul II has translated to our side and he is full of life and the rest was sufficient for him to want to dive into a work routine.

He is a soul that truly thinks of others first before himself. We suggested that he rest before becoming involved in a work routine, but he insists that it is time for him to begin. Such is our warrior. This soul now becomes joined with all the past memories of all his former lifetimes. This happens when one reaches our estate. He is free of any negativity that clings to the lower levels of soul journey. We simply mean that there are levels that have certain characteristics that pertain to the vibration on that level.

At a later date we will describe the different levels that a soul passes through before he comes to our level that some call Nirvana. This is a level or jumping off point to other dimensions which takes one to outer universes.

As we mentioned in an earlier message, this one stays close so he can be of assistance to the people on the earth that he loves. He understands that negativity is being released from the forces that would hold earth to the lower vibrations and he sees this as an opportunity to further assist the love force to flow over the earth.

We mentioned earlier that there is a vibration coming to earth that will be a mirror to each and every one of you that will allow you to see your soul as the Maker of all sees your soul. I had informed you that this force was of an electrical quality in that it grasps the core of your being and takes you through a journey that brings forth all the pictures of who and what you are.

These pictures are like riveting impulses that takes you to the very beginning of your entry into vibration and then form if you spent lifetimes in form. It moves you to each and every action that you experienced in your existence. That means that every thought and every intention is brought before you in complete honesty and justice. This is an awesome experience beyond your comprehension. You are faced to face with every act and intention that you ever handled through your desires and then it shows you how those intentions and forces you sent out to the world on ripples of movement to others actually affected them.

These ripples of impulses allow you to see your footprints through time and through your communion with others and the paths that you set down for others to follow. This is a revelation unlike any other. While it is true that upon death you face a review panel of sorts, you have the voice of compassion that springs forth from your guides and angels that were with you through all your journeys.

You have no one standing with you as these pictures and emotions filter to you while you are embodied in form. You stand as if naked except for the results of your actions. You will claim every thought, every action and every result that your hands touched in any way.

This is the Warning that Our Lady of Fatima showed to her visionaries. Even ones that held their innocence became terrified at the sight of this warning as they had lived other lifetimes and it was the actions of all these lifetimes that went back to the time of their soul’s creation that was reviewed.

I had faced that energy after I was released from the Bardo so I feel I am experienced enough to explain what this visitation was for me and how it affected me. While embodied you only have to go through this once. On my side it takes several visits to purge oneself from all their past.

Understand that if one had few mistakes to face, then this energy is much easier to move through. But even the gifted in spirit had mistakes to face. There is always a path that one goes through in learning and mistakes are always made.

Many have faced some of these mistakes from the past and have purged the soul of the residue that remains because of their deeds. But for the most of us there is a collection of vibrations that need to be recognized and then removed. It is the final purging before one can enter the higher realms.

This purging will become necessary before the body can move with the soul to the higher realms. There are some that use the word ascension to mean one estate. We say that there are many levels of ascension. Ascension is but a path of growth beyond your earth field of vibration. As one passes through transition, there is a level of vibration that is rarefied and is one of the first fields that the soul moves through. Death is but a change of vibration, through there are many levels of vibration between death and the upper realms which some are calling Nirvana.

Papa as he has been called and recognized from this side will be one of those workers who will work with this energy. His soul is pure and he has perfected his past so that he can work with these energies. Ones who work with these energies must be of such a high enough cast that they cannot be affected or their particles of soul could become disengaged from each other.

Working with the energy is not the same as experiencing it. Working with the energies one must be able to guide them and act as a buffer as they come down to the individuals. They are a creative force of great magnitude. Few in this part of the universe can assist in this manner.

The soul column that you understand to be the Divine Mother has requested her very special son that you call Pope, recently departed, and we call Papa to integrate these energies as they filter down to your universe. There are many others who will assist. Someone is needed who has spent lifetimes on earth as they understand human energies and emotions. Those that bring these energies have not embodied in form. While they research human emotion in the data bank that we call the libraries and hope to understand emotion on your level, they are gifted by someone who is pure enough to handle these energies yet close enough to human understanding to integrate the human emotion as it filters through the spiritual levels compacting into the level of form. So not to confuse, we are speaking here of moving through the bend of creation from the unmanifested to the manifested.

We will explain later as to how these energies will affect the individual souls and when they are coming. As you can imagine, all souls are not ready for these energies and will not be available to those who cannot integrate them.

We are just a messenger who has been sent to help you prepare. You recognize my history as one who had much to overcome and be responsible for. I have confessed my containment in the bardo in Conversations With Caesar. This will give you some idea as to why it is necessary to purge the past. If this past is not purged, it will keep you on the lower levels.

This is earth’s time for advancement and Source has given you all the tools. We on the other hand can serve and advance by helping you our brothers and sisters to enter into the light of illumination. Illumination is like a flashlight that peers into all the dark shadows of soul. All of us have had some dark shadows at some time. Some individuals who are indeed shining seeds of light that you recognize for their piety, humility and virtue have advanced by purging all those iniquities from their data banks.

Gaius Julius Caesar

 The Power To Change Commitments

March 18, 2005
St. Germaine

There is a new warning of quake activity building up in the rim of fire again and that is very true. The pressures are building up to be released soon. We say this not to engender fear among the population but rather we ask you to stop and review your contract.

Individuals make contracts between their soul star and themselves and our thought today is to determine if you want to continue with that contract. You have the ability to self-direct that commitment. You may ask, how do you know your commitment?

In the past, these commitments were usually kept in secret. Today, you as the embodied spirit have more leeway to change direction and your soul will extend your work depending upon its merits.

We spoke earlier that individuals have a common meeting ground in natural disasters because they are fulfilling commitments. One may travel from one continent to another planning a vacation or business trip to find the opportunity to move to the next dimension. It was evident to the ego that they needed to be in that location though it was an unconscious decision.

We say to you that now you have the ability to live consciously so that these commitments can be remembered by you and changed if desired. When you came to earth there were assumptions on the part of the higher beings who direct you. Some of the assumptions were met and you implemented your assignments. Some of the assumptions have not transpired as planned and you have the ability to change directions to accommodate the new activities that have occurred in form.

Each play roles for the world and for the individual. This is an important time in your history. The forces in opposition have put forth great energy to change the outcome. The outcome will not be changed, but your path may need to be changed.

There are souls who planned to be on our side to help direct events that may not occur as these events will not materialize. They in particular have the leeway to stay on your side and participate in the new developments as their abilities may be of better use to your world than ours.

We will be passing information to you as to the many methods of connecting to your higher mind and retrieving the information concerning your contractual agreement and how to compromise your decision to a new commitment.

We want you to live more consciously and make decisions in a more enlightened manner. As you grow in knowledge of your soul’s direction, we urge you to take a more active part in your path. In the past when earth was in the most unenlightened state, soul guidance was received more as urges rather than a conscious planning between you, as the ego expressed in biology, and the higher aspect of your planning. There was much more control of your mind at the point of a threatened death. We are referring particularly to the dark time of the Inquisitions and the patterns that you unconsciously remember.

There came a time when individuals wanted to lead their lives following the current patterns of society. Now it is the corporate world directing behavior through the push of advertising. There is also the drive of leisure and wealth tempting you to spend your time in amusement and not going within.

What we see now is that earth changes and the activities of the world towards terrorism and threat of attacks by an enemy that seems to have tentacles everywhere, have caused more to take pause and question. We have been waiting for this very time of questioning to come forth and offer the suggestion to go within.

That term has been used so much that it has lost its mystery for some and so we are suggesting the same pattern of going within but adding that there can be a different reason for going within. We say that your transition to our side can be changed now that you are more aware and are becoming more enlightened.

Death does not have the same appeal as it did in the past. What we mean is that if one was starving and in pain because of illnesses, then death might be welcomed. Today there are solutions for many problems so that the individual may express hope, and in that hope for a resolution of problems, they may not want to die but rather stay and find solutions to problems that in the more recent past might have seemed insurmountable.

This is a time of flux and many things can be changed now that was not possible in the recent past. Therefore your living consciously with full commitment to your spiritual side becomes of paramount importance now. You are not one to be led by any force without your agreement.

You are the masters of your own self determination. You are masters of your own world and creation will cooperate with your decisions as long as they do not harm others. Now is the time as the master of your world to make certain that your pre-birth planning is not obsolete. As one Master who recognizes your mastery and bows to your accomplishments, I am your confidant.

St. Germaine
The God within me recognizes the God within you and bows to that Creative Force


Hunab Ku and Earth Rescue

 Archangel Michael

March 6, 2006

Our messenger has asked us a question concerning the recent announcement by physics professor and astronomer Scott Hyman of Sweet Briar College.  Professor Hyman states that the signals which have been picked up from the center of our galaxy seem to suggest that they have been sent by human intelligence.

We would like to suggest that all of the cosmos is filled with Intelligence, though not necessarily of the variety that you find on this planet.  The information also suggests that there is a bulge forming near this center.  This was also noticed by the Mayas; they called it Hunab Ku and created a glyph to designate this spot.

“To the Mayas, Hunab Ku represented the supreme God and ultimate Creator.  It represented the gateway to other galaxies beyond the Sun as well as all of the Consciousness that ever existed in this galaxy.  It also represented Consciousness which organized all matter from a “whirling disk” into stars, planets, and solar systems.  This group of amazing people who were indigenous from the stars considered that on December 21, 2012, the exact alignment of the Earth, the Sun, the star cluster Pleiades, and the center of our galaxy would take place at the end of this present long cycle.”

While this is a true event as far as star history which determines cycles is concerned, we would like to add that this date is not synonymous with the dividing of the dimensions.  We see this division as happening before that date, and the reason for this is that the dark forces on this beautiful planet are struggling to hasten their time of control, and in their opposition to the forces of light have caused further imbalance to this planet.

I and the Masters who work with me, along with the attention of a large contingent of Earth goddesses who are interested in the welfare of this planet, are spearheading a rescue mission to awaken as many people of the light as possible who wish to advance spiritually.  The physical body must be prepared to transition, and this portion of renewal is lagging.

We urge you to read Earth History, Past, Present, and Future at  I have promised to be there for my people and to answer their questions about this transition after they read my words.   



The Opening of Cosmic Doorways


Archangel Michael is sending a message to everyone and adds that we have just recently passed an eclipse where the moon cast a shadow upon the sun.  We are now moving towards an occultation where the moon will eclipse the Pleiades, a cluster of stars. This present time is the lull between two large energy fields.

“We are grateful to those who answer our hopes and dreams.  We have dreams on this side of the divide also.  Our dream is to see all my followers awaken to the glory of who they are and go with me in the next chapter of our glorious journey.  These two events concerning the activities of the moon has the effect of opening a grand doorway to the heart. Those of the light will be marked in a special manner as there will be a golden energy stamp made upon their heart and soul. This will act as a reminder to those who love their God that their God is with them.  You will find that in the near future when things may become chaotic, there will be peace and confidence flooding your consciousness.  This is the beginning for some of experiencing the new Earth and you will be comforted.”

Archangel Michael


Axis Changes

September 19th 2005
Archangel Michael

We have been called upon to explain the possibilities that occurred when the meteor fell from the sky before the tsunami last December. This event was allowed as there was a force needed that would start Earth changes in earnest. 

We understood that the axis change would be necessary to rotate the core of the Earth to connect with the sun in a more direct manner.  There has always been a relationship between the core of the Earth and the sun, but there needed to be a realignment to make a connection of transference more efficient.

The axis has been changed several times in the past.  The most recent one several centuries ago.  The larger change occurred in Atlantis when the Earth was thrown out of alignment from the sun.  As the consciousness of humankind has advanced, the Earth has gradually changed back towards the original arrangement. 

What occurred in the past when Atlantis sank was that there was a very great disconnect from the sun’s energy.  Your planet then could not sustain the energy that it had previously contained before human consciousness fell.

The Earth will require another change in the axis alignment, perhaps several before there is the direct alignment that existed earlier.  Think of a reflecting mirror for a moment.  If you hold the mirror at certain angles, you may not be able to see your reflection at all.  Some angles may distort your image where the correct angle will give you a perfect reflected image.

This is the same concept that occurs when the sun and Earth are at the proper angles.  It has to do with the construction of Earth’s core and the sun’s core.  At the proper angles, it will reflect and absorb more of the sun’s energy.  The Earth absorbs the rays and then it is rerouted and sent back to the sun.  The interchange of energy is constant.  The angle of the Earth to the sun represents how much of the energy can be absorbed and how much can be reflected back.

The sun at this time does not reflect all that it receives.  We could consider it a stepped down version of a transmitter.  The planet and its inhabitants had to be shielded from the complete intensity of the energy as it comes from the cosmic center to the Earth.  The more energy that can be direct without stepping down means that the faster the species can advance. 

It was necessary for the recent axis change and several more will be required, before this closer relationship between the two planets can exist. 

It may seem as if there was destruction from this event and the future events will seem as destruction also, but it is necessary for the spiritual evolution of the planet and its inhabitants. There is a relationship between the curvature of the Earth and its spin to the relationship of angle that solar flares can reach Earth. 

There are solar flares that are not received directly by Earth and there are flares that are received full force.  The step up of solar flares has been gradual until the beginning of this year.  They will continue in their intensity.  Some who are attuned to energy can feel the changes in their body.  Eventually all will not only feel the changes, but start to demonstrate the results of cellular change.   

All is programmed on a gradual program of change which will only intensify as events come to the fore.  Soon humanity will show outward signs of cooperating with this energy. 

Archangel Michael

We are grateful for your interest.



Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes, Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes, Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes, Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes,


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