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I have started a series of talks about the Mary/Michael lines in England, the telluric lines of France, and the difference between ley lines and Earth energy and their connection to sacred sites. The first installment was Sunday, May 14, and will be archived later if you wish to hear it. It was a wonderful show as Carol Heywood-Babrauskas, who wrote Passionate Pinky and the Evolutionary Experiment, sees this energy with her opened third eye. We discussed what the Black Madonna sites look like energy-wise.

I wanted Archangel Michael’s thoughts about the ley lines before we did the show, and this is what came through.

Mary/Michael Lines

These lines in England have been followed by individuals who doused for them. The line is a pathway in the Earth that is magnetic from the point of view of Earth energy. The Earth is magnetic in nature, and there are lines of energy that are anti-magnetic or electric in nature. This is a balancing of energies that come to Earth and help hold the planet in its rotational field, or pattern.

Everything in this world—and in the cosmos, for that matter—is a series of balances and counter balances, sometimes on a very large and grand scale. Where the lines cross, there is an expanded energy field, where the energy of the Earth is strengthened and accentuated. Those who have the sight to see energy can see these places, but for the most part these energies are felt rather than seen, as they are under the Earth.

Dousing works to find them, because it is the mind that works with this energy, and there is no boundary of time or space for the mind and its workings. The ancients, or those who were considered pagan, believed that the Earth was a goddess and the mother. She was respected and honored. Those who believed in this energy were able to attune the mind because of their belief system and could train themselves to see this energy.

They could see that when one stood at a point where the two lines crossed, there was an appropriate balancing in the human physical body. This worked on a resonance where like attracts like and actually corrects it.

The ancients didn’t necessarily understand these processes; however, they believed in them because they could see and hear the energies. There is a sound emitted, albeit very difficult to ascertain because it is a low frequency wave, and there had to be much training to hear the energies. But it was those energies that could be found in sight and sound that the ancients came to respect, and they ultimately understood how to use them.

They used these places, which were actually portals to the higher dimensions, as places of healing and places of fertility. Bringing forth children was a very sacred gift to the ancients, because they needed children to help make them prosperous and also to carry on the family name. Birth rates were sometimes difficult to increase, because there were food supply problems; the ancients couldn’t control the weather and transportation as does modern man.

So there was a myth and sacredness that surrounded these sacred places, and man designated them either with mounds or giant rocks. Eventually the early religions overtook the sites and built grand cathedrals or small shrines upon them.

This information is just now surfacing again. It has been hidden for many years, because dogma overtook what was thought to be superstition. Since many of the ancients could not read or write, they lived simply using manual labor to survive and attuning to life from the prompting of spirit. Sometimes their rational mind influenced the translation of this information to the conscious mind, and from this, error was born. Man tried to dominate his neighbors, and this still carries on to today. If you are willing, join my conclave. The lessons that I am giving there are but a prompting to remember these past abilities.

It was intended that man live using the spiritual senses entwined in everyday living. When memory was cut, it destroyed a pattern whereby ones could trace their actions and ultimately compare their actions to the will of God. This will come again, but not before much suffering comes to humanity. From the depths of ashes comes rebirth, and then the phoenix rises again. This will be repeated, because humanity has been corrupted to believe that there is no God. Even though humanity has free will, it cannot be in opposition to its Creator. To do this is to die spiritually. Life is an adventure of a spirit existing in a physical body. Soon that physical body will advance with the soul and learn how to rejuvenate itself.

Archangel Michael mentions dousing, and perhaps one of the most talented dousers of our time is Hamish Miller. One of the books that he wrote is The Sun and the Serpent. I hope to have Mr. Miller on the show so that we can discuss his experiences.


This is a map from Mr. Miller’s book that he prepared from dousing. The straight blue line is the Michael Alignment. This is the line through the English countryside which connects to sacred sites. The red line is the Michael line which is the positive masculine electromagnetic current. The green line is the Mary line, which is the negative or feminine electromagnetic current. This map shows the currents around Avebery, England. You can see where the two lines cross the straight line, and this is the spot that Archangel Michael is referring to when he says the energy is strengthened or accustomed. Archangel also speaks of power rods that have been placed in the Earth, and this is also a place where there was a power rod placed.

Carolyn Evers




Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes, Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes, Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes, Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes,


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Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes,