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 Is America Following the Path
of the Ancient Romans?


*Here is a message from Caesar on the subject.
I asked Julius Caesar about the direction that America is presently taking, and this was his answer.

Carolyn Evers

Yes, I do have an opinion about the direction that America is following now.

There are always choices that one might make with regard to world events and personal events.  When one is making a choice, whether it be a world leader or an individual, many times ego and outside pressures press for a decision rather than making a decision from the heart.

Choices are not always made in the best interest of the country.  Humans are a social group, and even in Rome we had our system of patronage.  Here in America the patron system is alive and well.  You do not call it the patron system, but alliances are given for gifts received. 

In the past there has been secrecy surrounding these intricate alliances, but now is a time where nothing can lay in secret.  This is the good news, in the sense that this will be a pivotal point of change in your country.

It has been decreed that the light will infiltrate every place where human thought was kept secret, and it will open those hiding places for public scrutiny.  What is surfacing now will be just the beginning of a long list of scandals.  What has been revealed in the press is just the tip of the iceberg, as you say. 

There have been dealings in secret for many years in your Senate, House of Representatives, and the Presidential Office itself, and not all has been made in the best interest of you the public.

Because America has the power and influence that she has, the spiritual hierarchy has started in your homeland to uncover the derogation that has been the source of not only the discontent of the American people, but also your subjugation in personal finances and control.

As you may be aware, greed in your corporate world has taken a toll on American quality of life.  Many families now must choose between what quality food they will purchase for their family and the manner in which they can care for their elderly and young.  These families in lower income classes, in particular, have been abused in a most dire manner. 

You have the resources in your country to feed and care for many displaced individuals who have fled both storms and earthquakes, yet most of this work has been done by individuals and not the Federal Government.  The people themselves have given generously to the survival efforts, but those who would sell their birthright have sold their conscience also and have stolen many of the funds meant for those who suffer.

I could take the time to describe how the American Government has followed the course of history regarding the Roman times, but I will allow my daughter to discuss this.  Since I am on this side of the veil, so to speak, I will speak from the perspective of the planning of the spiritual hierarchy.

The dark and the light have their own hierarchy and have been in conflict with each other since the ancient time of Lemuria when the Elder Brothers decided to allow dark forces to reside on this planet.  This history can be found in Archangel Michael’s book, Earth History, Past, Present and Future. What I will say is this.  Time as we know it on this side is circular, in a sense, and to you it would appear as a tree.  You might consider it as no time, what is called the eternal Now. 

Yes, it would be difficult to understand this, as you live in a frame of existence where perception is different from what actually exists.  I tell you this because as one who has the ability to follow the branches of this tree, I can not only view all of my lives, past, present, and future, but I can also view the events on your time line that have not come to fruition. 

What I see is a division between the light and dark, with the light eventually winning in this struggle.  The reason for this victory is because of the energies that are coming to this planet through the sun.  As we have mentioned many times, these energies come from Source, and the love of Source is stronger than any dark force.

These energies are already arriving, and this is what is uncovering any dark deed.  Politicians who have not acted in the best interest of the people will be found out for what they are.  This means that there will be even greater struggles, because they will not release their power without placing great obstacles in the way of peace and prosperity. 

The dark has held the Earth captive for eons, and they have been accustomed to victory.  Never before has this energy from Source come to Earth as it is coming forth presently.  In your lifetime you will see dramatic changes.  The people have been held hostage for all these years, and there is a struggle in the higher realms of Earth.  You do not see this, but the energies of both the light and dark struggle beyond the bend of manifestation. 

The place of this struggle may seem strange to you, but victory will be in the hands of the light.  This cannot be changed, as the energy signatures of victory are already imprinted on the entryway to materialization.  This is imprinted at a higher vibratory level and cannot be changed by the dark forces that inhabit the Earth.  This victory is beyond destruction.

The present struggle is beyond that entryway between the forces of the light and dark.  The dark that is housed off-planet is struggling to countermand the signatures of the light, but this signature is being guarded by powerful forces of the Universal Galactic Command.        

The negativity and destruction that has been planned by the forces of the dark will not be tolerated by the forces of light any longer.  As those who ascend progress, they will finally be accepted as equal members of this Galactic Command to take their rightful place in planning world peace for this planet and for their place in this solar system and the galaxy.

Since I was released from the Bardo, I made my way to the center of the cosmos and then came back to Earth; I took up my rightful place in working with these energies.  I have always been an energy person.  Even as a Roman, I understood the energy of positive mental abilities and what could be accomplished if one used that force in his planning and actions.  I admit that I did not always make the right decision when I lived in the Roman times, but I am a different soul now who has had his eyes opened to the wonders of creation and the meaning of Source.  I have been allowed to remember who and what I was before I descended to Earth and took up the role of Julius Caesar.

So, I say to you, peace will reign again, but there will be a heavy cost to humanity because humans do not understand the power they have with their own mental abilities.  You can create circumstances in your world to your own liking, and you can do this with mind power alone.

You must decide what you want to surface in your present and in your future and what ethics you will follow to obtain these results.  Unless you take this course of action and do it soon, more destruction will be upon you by the elements of weather and more upheavals will come about in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Your founding fathers, if they were on Earth today as a group—actually, a few of them have reincarnated—would not recognize the actions of your court system, what has come forth from your Executive office, and to what the members of Congress have succumbed.

St. Germain has over-lighted the freedom in your country and influenced your founding fathers to put forth documents that would protect people and their children and children’s children.  You, on the other hand, have thrown this away in exchange for allowing someone else to take your responsibilities for self government.

When I lived in Rome, the citizens felt a responsibility to rule themselves and would not follow any dictate of a king.  You have a president, as he is called, but he has taken the role of a dictator, and you have allowed him to do so.  You have lost much, and it will take years to get back what has been given away.    

You might think I do not have the right to say such things, since I also played the role of a dictator.  Since I had such desires for personal gain myself, I understand all too well how easy it is to fall from personal integrity and make excuses for these sins of commission.  I have been there and I have done that, but I also have paid the price for my foolishness.  I have put all of this down in writing, and you can read all of my confessions, as my daughter has faithfully transcribed all of my thoughts and memories.

All of that is behind me, and I now work faithfully for Source and my own spiritual advancement, just as you need to work for your own spiritual advancement.  I am hoping that my words and my experiences will be of assistance to you. 

Understand that I am aware of what is in your future, and the sooner you can align yourself with your own I Am presence and become adept at connecting to Source, the easier it will be to make decisions in the near future when even greater Earth changes commence. 

Your I Am presence can be a warning signal to the dangers that surround you.  You can understand your commitments of soul, and you will learn that you can change these commitments if you so choose. 

I will end by saying one more thing.  You can never approach the home of another with a drawn sword in hand and claim to be a friend.  They will always suspect your intentions.  A carpet of military might laid out before an enemy will not convince him of your good will towards him.

Your soldiers, for the most part, are good and compassionate men.  I realize that Americans acknowledge their worth and their love for liberty, but they cannot bring home the victory that you Americans feel is needed in the Middle East.

This is a different world from when I lived there, and this is the time of cooperation and respect for one another as humans.  There must be recognition that peace can only come about through cooperation and bringing in all of the countries that have a stake in the game of peace.  Each country that is a neighbor to all of these troubled spots really wants peace, and you must use the resources of all of these countries to work for peace in the region.  One country does not have the key to peace; this must be a joint effort. 

 Julius Caesar


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Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes, Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes, Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes, Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes,


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