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The Importance of Yellowstone


March 30, 2006

Everyday there is conflict in the lower levels of Earth.  As we have said there are beings that transmit messages from the cosmic forces from the sun and they integrate these forces as they connect to the core of the Earth.

There is a pathway where the planet would seem to be moving energy as if it were breathing.  This energy comes from the cosmos through the sun to the earth’s core and makes its way back to the central sun where the creator reads this information similar to reading a computer tape.

The electric impulses from HAARP interfere with this energy pathway and therefore the beings who have established this cooperative spirit between earth and cosmic forces become confused.  This happens because the cosmos is electrical in nature.  HAARP energies as they bounce from the troposphere to Earth are electric in nature also; however they are not part of the blueprint that was programmed into the Earth when it was created. Though the energies might be similar, HAARP signals are countermanding legitimate signals and causing discord in the planet’s interior and along the surface.

So we ask again for you to meditate when the group gathers with Ronna Herman in Yellowstone on June 10-11. If you will not be there in the physical, than you can be there in thought.  This is more important than you can imagine and we ask you to do this not for ourselves as we do not need the Earth to support us in our survival, but we ask you to do this for yourself.

In wonder at the creations of the creator where we bend our knee in honor and allegiance,

Pope John Paul II


Pope John Paul’s Role in The World


Archangel Michael
March 24, 2006

 It is I Archangel Michael who wishes to discuss the journey that Viva Papa has taken since he crossed over in spirit to our realm.  First of all I want to say that he came to Earth principally for this time.  It was the design of spirit to incorporate his renown in the leadership of the Roman Catholic Faith.

 He had a desire to bring forth healing among the different religions and he worked at that very enthusiastically. 

He also desired to awaken the youth to their spiritual inheritance and we believed he did accomplish his goals in these matters.

Most of all he came to hold a special energy balance during a period from when he was elected Pontiff until his death when the new energies were brought forth for this planet.

You may not agree with the dogma of his chosen faith, but the man himself accomplished all that was intended for him to complete.  You see our dear pontiff is an energy person.  He works with energy that only an accomplished soul can work with.

Those of you who understand energy somewhat, understand that the higher the level of energy that the soul works with, they themselves must be of a purity of development so that the refined energies do not destroy the  composition of their soul.  The entire cosmos is designed in energy and it is comprised of components that are electrical and electromagnetic. In a way the cosmos is completely electric. Your scientists are revamping their thoughts about this fact and some are declaring this to be so.

The soul can be damaged if it descends into a vortex where the bands of energy are so elevated that the soul cannot endure it. We found this in the early days of Earth history where souls descended before their time and found themselves attached to animal forms. You still hold some of these pictures in your consciousness such as the centaur that was the combination of man and a horse, and magical myths of speaking animals.

So even though your beloved Papa could have continued on his journey to more elevated positions in the hierarchy of the cosmos, he stayed here to work with these energies as they come to Earth. The energy that he will be working with and will solely complete is yet to come. It is the energy that Mother Mary has described as the ‘warning’ to the children that were involved with her apparitions such as at Fatima, and similar events.

These energies of the warning are an energy that is highly evolved and has not been on Earth since the early days before Atlantis.  The Lemurians, and your Pope who was a highly developed Lemurian, could see their soul as God saw their soul.  They enjoyed a special relationship with the Supreme Creator in the center of the cosmos.  They were called forth by Me Archangel Michael, who had been given responsibility for the experiment on this planet you call Earth.

I am sorry to say that I have been relieved of my duties as the governing leader of this hierarchical wave.  A new group is slowly coming into place to be the future guides for the next human advancement. This is so because my advancement is at hand.  I along with my lightworkers who are aware will follow me to a new galaxy that I have called Golden as it is of a purity of intention as we will create that home as we created this home.        

Your beloved Pope is of a soul construction that can hold this space and fine tune the energy as it comes to Earth.  He will be the connecting source and it is a delicate balance between the needs of the people on Earth and the requirement of Source in the center of the cosmos.

He and I have been companions even before this experiment on Earth.  We have followed one another over eons from galaxy to galaxy, and he will leave with me to the next galaxy. I have told you that humanity and I are the rovers of the universe and we were sent forth by Source to be the light bearers in this endeavor. We are light and as light there is a special connection to Source.  We set up stations of light and my companion who writes this has called this light the language of God, and it is so.

This radio show on April 1st will be about your beloved pontiff and how he will work with his special friends now present in physical form.  It is time for this group to reconnect with him as you have a contract to fulfill for humanity and the time grows short for this energy to come to Earth. Many of you are not aware of your commitment and we strive to awaken you to your promise as you must gather together and recognize him for who he is and what job you must fulfill.

Each of you must fulfill your commitment for your country and together for the balance of the Earth to connect with him and allow the energies to come through you. There are eight of you and several are aware.  We would ask you to try and remember Lumuria. We have asked our messenger to bring forth these words to open a contact point in your consciousness so that you can become aware of your promise.  If in doubt, ask Matia for a reading and I will tell you directly what you must do.

Blessings my friends
Archangel Michael   




Master Mother Mary


March 31, 2006

Our topic for this Saturday’s radio show is earthquakes and the fracturing of the North American plate.

We have been very carefully watching the movements of plates whereby the North American plate is becoming very unsteady.  Not all of this is due to HAARP, though some of it is.  Some of the fracturing of the North American plate is due to the fact that the plates are aging.  Combining both of these factors together there is approaching a period where possibility is moving towards the window of probability. We use this warning again for humanity to mediate and join in with those who would come to Yellowstone and help change this pattern of destruction.

You do not really know just how important this is.  We have issued calls to my children in the past to mediate and change consciousness and we have been denied.  Some of you pray for a short period of time and your everyday activities take your attention and you forget.

Let it be known that there is no forgetting what is beneath your feet.  What is beneath your feet is dire and unless you get serious and take this to heart, I will not be able to protect you any longer.  I have protected you in ways that you do not understand because I am your Earth Mother, but there is only so much that I can do to help alleviate what surely will come unless you honor my request.

 Mother Mary

Your Mother and your intercessor to the creative forces for a safe and humane change of dimensions and clearing of the Earth as Gaia works her call to align herself with her blueprint.



Pope John Paul’s Message On Ascension

When I was on Earth, I led a protected life when I was elected Pontiff.

This means that I was not always kept apprised of how people truly felt about dogma and the workings of the Roman Catholic Church on Earth.  I say this so you understand that I always worked in good faith with the information that I had at the time.

There were individuals in the Chancellery that had distinct ideas as to what I should encounter in my official business.  In other words my contacts were screened in what was thought to be my best interest.

I am not making excuses as to why certain groups felt alienated from the church, but understand that we are all human and acted in what we thought was the best interest of people with what was available to us at the time.

I say this because there are some who feel my work was done in ignorance and wasn’t connected to all those who looked for guidance from the Papacy during my time and I regret that occurrence, but I followed my heart in the things that I knew that I had committed to, namely, bringing unity among the different faiths and dogmas of all of those who had a sincere desire to follow a spiritual path.  I believe I did this as best as I could in good faith with humanity.

 The second portion of my mission was to inspire the youth of all countries, and I believe I fulfilled my contract to do that.

However the most important part of my life’s mission was to hold the space between one energy field and another. When I came to Earth, there were rumblings of war and as a youth I was involved in the war machine of a once great nation. I felt first hand the pain of a nation as I watched my friends and acquaintances dragged off to concentration camps.  This was planned for me to come at that time for two purposes.  I helped free Poland from Soviet demands to dominate my homeland. This took courage not only on my part, but knowing that my people could suffer if I had made a mistake.  I used the power of the papacy and my powerful connection with the people to help free them of domination.  Unknown at the time was that I used a powerful energy that originated with God to replace the negativity that was inflicted on my people.

I used this energy again to hold back the dark forces during my Papacy.  Wars of great destruction were kept at bay, though there was some pacification against tyranny in poor countries and there were massacres, though I spoke out against them and many were saved.

I worked for the poor and did all I could to feed the hungry and bind the wounds of those who suffered.  During my rein there were no great weather devastations. I held back the energies of HAARP as they were tamed somewhat because of the force of my energy field.  Since then weather modification has been unleashed and will continue to direct weather patterns if you the people do not control this through your thought power. You have this ability but do not use it.

I left when I did and stayed as long as I did as I was waiting for the eclipse that occurred when I died. This was the new energy that infused each person on Earth and started to change your DNA.

In my book Viva Papa which my messenger has faithfully compiled, I mention Earth changes and I am here in this realm to help alleviate these changes. The plate system beneath your feet is aging and HAARP sends out signals that destroy the Earth’s messages which connect systems to work efficiently.

Presently the planet works under a disadvantage as its signals are becoming scrambled as they are being implemented.  Unfortunately humans believe that the planet acts alone and does not need their thought processes to sustain it.  This is untrue. When the Creative Forces birthed this planet it was by design to be a cooperative venture. The planet came forth from out of nothingness according to a blueprint and it was given directions in that blueprint to bring forth a system that you see and understand as Nature, meaning things solid such as mountains, growing things that you call botany and the animal world. You as humans had a responsibility to the Earth in that you had to sustain this creation through your mental energy. 

This is part of the plan that was inaugurated by the creator, but you have forgotten this.  You understood this in Lurmuria and in Atlantis, however when the brain was divided, you forgot this obligation as your consciousness fell to such a low point that memory of this ability was struck from human consciousness. 

These memories will be reinstated and I am here to say that I will be working with this inauguration of the memory points.  I will help you reconnect to memory as it was in Lumuria, but this memory will come after the warning which Mother Mary has described to her children in her visitations with many young people such as Fatima.   

The warning is the ability to see self as God sees you.  It is a great advancement, but a serious event as you will review your soul without the aid of our angels.  This event will be performed by you in silence and your choices after that will bring you to a point which will give you the tool to advance or else stay in this energy field when the dimensions divide.

Your choice at that time will be a decision of great magnitude for you as it will decide where you will remain for the next 200,000 years of Earth time.  It will be another period such as this for the moment of ascension to arrive again.

Ascension is a noble path; however there are only certain processes that are available to be able to walk up that path to a higher vibration. One such path is a position of gateways that are opened in a sequence that allows the energies to filter to you and allows you to move to higher levels of energy and take your body with you. Up to now the only manner for ascension before the cosmic doorways were opened was to move to higher dimensions without the physical.

This is a joyous period in Earth history and we are here to assist you to find your home which includes your physical body.  We will give more information later so you understand the steps that are necessary to take to process the physical to the higher dimension.

Pope John Paul II





Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes, Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes, Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes, Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes,


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