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Archangel Mikael
Message Read on Radio Show March 25, 2006


Why Yellowstone?

March 19, 2006

We have been called by our messenger to discuss the condition of Yellowstone National Park and the unbalance found there. You understand that HAARP has been affecting the Ionosphere in a manner that causes myriad problems elsewhere. Heating the Ionosphere bounces energies back to Earth that seemed to be radio waves, but it is more than that. As the particles borough deep into the Earth, and they do borough into the Earth, there is a disturbance in the rock that under lays the plate system.

This layer of rock has become unstable and there is torque or something like a pressure that has caused some of this under-layment to become dislodged. The layers of rock underneath the plate system are smaller sections of rock than the plates themselves. Think of this as a supporting layer that is not solid, but rather in stacked layers. Usually these layers are constructed in such a manner that there is support for the plates. There must be flexibility so that some plates go underneath other plates and there must be somewhat of a give and take in the supporting layers, therefore the supporting layers need to consist of smaller pieces.

These energy waves are unexpected beneath such layers and there has been a combining of molecules as there has been an electrical discharge which has caused change. If I were to describe the process, it would appear to be rock that seems pock-marked. Some layers are almost cracked to the breaking point.

One such layer that is especially damaged is the supporting layers of rock nearby the Yellowstone Park. Not too long ago there were geysers spewing mud like substances not to far from the park itself, which was called Kingfisher geysers as it was named near the location of Kingfisher, Oklahoma.

If these underlying fishers continue to show more cracking, the plate itself is in danger of rifting. Remember Yellowstone is a large caldera which was a gigantic volcano in the past that exploded and collapsed upon itself. A rift in this area would cause a large splitting of this fragile section of the park and the result would be disastrous.

Therefore there are individuals who have more power than they themselves are aware and their gathering and concentrated meditations in this area will repair this under-layment.

My lightworkers have responded to me and I thank them. Your work is well received and Gaia wants to discuss this area also.

Archangel Mikael



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Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth, earth changes,