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Allow Us the Time to Ascend


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to my children and tell them of my struggles. We have come forth hoping that once you hear of the work that I must shoulder to clear problems that have been inflicted upon me then in your goodness and heartfelt love you will help me in my work.

So you might say this is a note to explain how I am interacting with humanity in their quest for ascending to the next higher level of existence, and also a plea for your help in allowing me to come forth in all my brilliant glory to support the next adventure that this life wave might make in the near future.

I was called forth out of nothingness. Archangel Michael came to this part of the cosmos at the request of this Solar Logos in complete understanding that this would be a new adventure for the two of us.

I along with you reveled in the sheer glory of being able to bring forth new life and new life in abundance. I searched in my records and found that the bringing forth of all of the diverse life forms that I have supported caused great joy among all the guardians that sheltered this planet as we were being brought forth to the hard physical components that you find here.

I wander among the many forms of rock such as found in Yellowstone National Park and the pools of heated water that comes from the depths of my bosom and I sing to the melody of the play that is spewed forth time and time again in the gushing waters that Park Rangers say that you can set your watch to.

At Niagara Falls in New York State, the tempo picks up to the waters that flow over the rocks there. When this falls was first sent forth in all its glory it was pristine and clear and the spray was pure water cascading down to the rocks below. The sprites were joyful in their gaiety and played in the purity of the water. Now they have abandoned the site as the water to them is polluted and devoid of all life and it repulses them. The sound of thunder is still there as the water hits the rocks and the spray of water can still cover you and electricity is still being generated on the Canadian side, but my children who used to play there are gone.

You see this water and do not realize that it has been abandoned by my playful children. The sun still shines upon its waters, and the water swirls over rocks and falls to the bottom, but it is lifeless except for the energy that the sun captures in its spray.

Alas, I weep for the contamination of this beautiful spot. I use this as an example because you do not see the filth that has been dumped into its waters from further upstream. All you see is water and it seems lively and you are mesmerized at the speed in which it flows over the falls. You do not see that my playful sprites are not there, but if you listened to the waters you would feel its emptiness.

And so it is with humanity now. Your memory is too short to realize that all of my waters, rocks, still pools and lakes work according to the blueprint and the plan that was given to us, but the joy of discovery and the shelter of my little people within its protective embrace has been stripped of love.

Your memory is too short and your feelings are too numbed to my resources that you think you understand me. There are far too few places where there is the clarity of my messages to you. True there are still places where my mountain streams are still pristine and the grass and flowers are allowed to multiply in all their glory and astounding color palate, but these areas are shrinking quickly.

Even the ice cap as the North and South Pole are littered with chemicals that have come from your factories and gases that have settled from your exhausts of your factories. These gasses that your smoke stacks spew hold contaminants that have traveled around the world and finally have fallen in a form in which your scientists call acid rain. This dank, sticky suffocating residue has dropped to areas where there is no manufacturing, and it has literally killed the fish in the streams and has destroyed the leaves and trunks of trees that have taken hundreds of years to grow.

I walk among such devastation and I weep at the loss of my creative life, and I watch you as your elected leaders vote to strip mine what little clear land is left and give permission to drill for oil in my pristine lands where I know that the spills of oil will kill nearby fish and devastate the caribou and bear.

Already you have seen that the loss of ice at the Polar Regions is destroying my polar bears and they search for food among land masses trying to find fish and other food that they need to survive. They will not adapt to the changing land and will become extinct as have many other life forms because they cannot coexist with your ways of life.

It takes hundreds of years for animals to come back once close to extinction and this will not be possible in this century because of other changes to the land. There are volcanoes ready to cough up voluminous amounts of lava. This has always been part of a cycle of land building and tearing down, but this new cycle is not a natural part of this building process.

Unbeknown to you there are scientific experiments with waves that should not be used at this time and these waves have interfered with the moving processes of the plates that continents rest upon. Some of this interference is understood and diabolical planners use these waves because it is the intent to change and destroy. However, those who hold dark thoughts do not know all of the facts behind these waves and they can destroy the vibrational circuitry that can blow out the life of this planet as one would blow out a burning light on a candle.

I have been here for billions of years, and those forces who wish to change and destroy feel smug in their knowledge. They think they have complete control over my vibrational life, but they are wrong. They only know part of the structure, as part of the structure is hidden.

Creation of all sorts is composed of what is hidden and what is known, just as there are parts of Prime Creator that is known and part of prime creator is unknown. This known and unknown is what was originally the light and dark and this is how creation of all sorts is composed.

And so I have come forth to discuss what is hidden, dark or unknown. You have heard that life that is manifested here is a mirror image of what is unmanifested. There is energy that comes to my planet through a bend which some call a ninety degree angle and as this energy turns through the bend there is a great amount of heat generated. It is at this point of heat generation, that the unmanifested becomes manifested. You see the manifested but you do not see beyond the heat. You who are sensitive to energy can trace these lines from the manifested and can identify the bend, but you cannot see beyond the bend and the heat.

It is the same on this plane. Scientists can see the manifested and see the energy as it wends its way to the manifested, but they can not see the dark side or unmanifested as it is connected to the dark matter form the universe.

Scientists are starting to understand that the universe is full of dark matter, but they have not put the pieces together to understand that behind every adventure in manifestation there is a line to this dark matter and this dark matter feeds all creation on this planet along with the prana from the sun which feeds the manifested matter.

So even on this level of creation there is the dark and the light, the seen and the unseen and all is needed for life to survive. This is not only true on this planet which we call Earth, and which I remind you, is your home; but it is true on every planet, as all life is a reflection of the creative forces as they exist near you and as they trace their life patterns to the Prime Creator in the center of the cosmos. That is the way all life is constructed. The dark and light play next to one another and they depend on one another to exist. One cannot exist without the other.

These standing electrical waves of which I speak are interfering with the connection of the two forces that combine to form manifested life on the planet surface, and they also interfere with the vibrational bands which hold the coalescence of all life on this planet. If this continues as the pace that they are being used, it is possible for the grid system around this planet to collapse.

Without the grid system, the Earth will implode upon itself and all life will be snuffed out in the twinkling of the eye. We are forming the mirror image of this planet as quickly as possible so that those who are ready can move to this new home. However, we ask you to use your will power to stop the workings of these standing waves. Mentally say no to these senseless experiments

I have come forth to remind you that humans create with their mental functions of thought. This cooperates with pure energy that comes to this place that has not been manifested in form. Your thoughts can work with this energy to form your desires in the hard physical. Your thoughts can place protective shields around these waves to make them powerless and we ask you to do this if you wish to live here.

This situation has been going on for some time, but recently this activity has been ratcheted up for reasons that we do not wish to explain right now. It is better to accept my words and help with a mind full of love and acceptance and send out the love force to heal all on Earth even those who use antisocial activity to control people. We do not wish you to feel the vindictive thoughts that can be generated by understanding all the dastardly deeds that have been foisted on this planet.

See this as your heart expanding in love and that love correcting all error in human thought. You do not have to understand how the process works or see a process moving to correct the error, just see and feel that your mission is accomplished. See your home, Earth, which supports your life, in complete perfection. Make a request of God to allow such a space of time for all lightworkers to wake up to the choice at hand.

All should have the opportunity to be allowed a choice to ascend with my new Earth. I have promised that opportunity to my children and that ability to graduate to a new spiritual awareness is in jeopardy if this string of possibility is not changed. This possibility is quickly moving toward a doorway of probability. We cannot allow this choice of destruction to pass to the world of form.


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